Custom Blinds

Life doesn’t need to be boring. Some say dreaming is a waste of time…
However, Evim makes your dreams come true!
Nothing beats the freedom of DIY blinds for your home, especially when they’re delivered right to your doorstep.
That’s where Evim is the first company in Malaysia to offer an online custom order feature for window blinds. The rules are simple: You Measure It, We Send It!
Let’s begin your journey at Evim now 🙂


Be yourselve, live in your colours

Choose from our range of Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds (25mm), Venetian Blinds (50mm) and Zebra blinds.


Get it right, measure it and if you do get a headache doing it, click on our Customer Support. We’ll fix your issues easily. 🙂

Formula :
1 meter = 39.38 inch
1 cm = 0.394 inch
1mm – 0.039 inch
1 foot = 12 inch

Measure the width and height of your window frame or frames and indicate the Window Location. The price of the blind/s that you selected will appear automatically.
< Window location i: Please indicate your window location to match the right blind design. >
< Window location: Hall, Bedroom or Kitchen >

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please give an allowance of 4 inches (10 centimetres) for each corner of your window frame for installation purposes.


Control your destiny and be YOU.

Choose the Control type mechanism:

  • Standard Chain (No charges)
  • Single Cord Down
  • Single Cord Up
  • Semi Auto Up
  • Semi Auto Down
  • Cordless
  • Right Control
  • Left Control
  • Motorised

Step 4 – OPTIONS

Escape to your beautiful dream with these options. 🙂

Bottom Rail having three types:

  1. Round Bar:  Original blinds include the Round Bar that comes as standard window blinds.
  2. Flat Bar : We recommend that you use the Flat Bar for side guild. Of course you can choose the Flat Bar for a tidier look. (The weight is slightly heavy though)
  3. Wrapped Around Bar: Features a fabric wrapped bottom bar for a flush look.

Wrapped around Pelmet: Similar to the wrapped around bar. Covers the uppermost part of the window blinds to conceal the mechanisms or railings.

Bumper Bee: Reduces noise when the blinds swing, due to rain or the fan gust.

Reverse Roll: The reverse roll system creates a space between the blind and the window.

Scallop: Our blinds are available in scalloped edge for added style.

Printed logo: For motorized & printed logo blinds, schedule an appointment with our sales person and we will contact you soonest.

Click the CHECKOUT button after you have decided on all the information provided to us.


1) Ready-made blind orders will be delivered within 10 working days.