– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) –

Evim was established in 2017. However, we actually had this fresh new website concept and idea of marketing blinds since 2015. Why did it take so long to take off one may ask? At that time, a lot of resources were not sufficient for us to develop a website. We came out with the Evim website concept because we wanted everyone to be able to make their own window blinds conveniently – anytime and anywhere. We wanted to make sure that we developed a website that could give the consumers convenience and to save a lot of valuable time developing blinds. Besides, Evim will suggest a suitable window blind or blindss to your home or office. That’s why we named our site www.evim2us.com – which means, “Everyone’s Important To Us”. Furthermore, Evim in the Turkish laguage means, Home. Our vision is simple enough – to offer simple solutions in our website. This means your home furnishing solution is available in Evim. What you have in mind, Evim will assist you in the process. Which design you want implemented and applied to your house, Evim is there to advise you. Why eVim? Because Evim is committed to offer you the best solutions and at reasonable prices to complete your dream home or office interior. Evim wants your house to become a Priceless Treasure.

Evim blinds are made in Malaysia. Being a new company, Evim blinds are manufactured by the Moonlight company. Evim is a trading company and Moonlight is our supplier.

Currently, Evim has four models of blinds which are the Roller, Zebra, Venetian and Wooden Venetian. The number of models will be expanded in the future. There will be a total of 14 types of blinds offered by Evim in Malaysia.

The raw materials are imported from Korea, Europe, Taiwan, China, US and etc. The raw materials are made up of components such as the bracket, headrail, motor, pelmet, chain, fabric and etc.

No, all the fabrics were created by market requirement and need. The Evim team selects a few types of blinds before ordering them based on the window standard, Malaysian requirement and season.

‘Control’ type is one of Evim’s mechanism. However, control type has 6 versions, which comprises the ‘single cord up’, ‘single cord down’, ‘semi-auto up’, ‘semi-auto down’, cordless, classic chain and motorized.

Yes, they can be made to suit a particular interior design concept.

Yes, there are few ways to order Evim blinds. Customers can order through our website or via email. However, for measurement services there will be charges borne by our customers (Ex. per trip/visit: RM100). The other option is by telephone appointment so that our installers can make an onsite visit.

An online order will be processed within 24 hours. Within this 24 hours, our customers are able to edit/change their own blinds. This will be FOC. However, no editing OR changes will be available after 24 hours.

We do not have a refund policy. However, Evim will only acknowledge blinds delivered proven to have a manufacturing defect. Defective products will be replaced with the same blinds ordered and of similar value.

NOTE: Before customers proceed with any order/s using the Custom Made DIY window blinds feature, it is advised to read and understand the procedures carefully.

Yes,  we have a cordeless model – the ‘control type’ is the best option for homes with children from 3 years old. This model helps prevent and eliminate accidental mishaps.

Certain blinds are water repellent and not waterproof, such as the Premio model. The fire resistant models are the Premio and Sun Screen.

As most of our blinds are not waterproof but water repellent, we have the option of outdoor/external use blinds as an option by special order only.

Polyester, Non-woven, Fiberglass, Jut and other suitable materials are used.

Evim Solutions. In partnership with the Moonlight company.

In the future, there will be other products marketed by Evim in the website. Evim plans to market tinted glass and curtains direct to consumers.

Certain ready-made blinds, are ready for DIY installation as per the instructions. However, custom made blinds require a professional installer to measure and install the blinds accordingly.

Furthermore, Evim will continue upgrading and inventing mechanisms.

Yes, Evim blinds fit all the window-types in Malaysia. The standard window size in Malaysia is 4 ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6 ft and 5ft x 6ft. If you are unsure if the windows of your home are not standard, please contact us on the listed telephone number. An installer will be dispatched to measure your windows at a specified charge based on the location of your property.

Depending on the specifications and requirements, an installation will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If the installation is complex like an L-shaped Window or Double Volume height, more time will be needed.

For normal blinds, the first step is drilling, followed by bracket installation and before the blinds are clipped in.  That’s all, your blinds will be complete and fixed.

The blinds installed carry a 1-year warranty.

Yes, Evim blinds are available in Malaysia only.

Yes, currently Evim is the first window blinds manufacturer providing an eCommerce option and customized DIY window blinds services. At Evim, we have a lot of materials for our customers to choose from because we want to make your dream home to become a reality!

We only provide maintenance services for custom made orders for half a year. This maintenance includes cleaning of the blinds. Charges will apply after the set duration.