Product Features
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Zebra Blinds

This material is suitable to be fabricated for the zebra blinds model in your living room, children’s room, kitchen and etc.

Fire Resistant

A window blind that has passed a fire-resistance rating test.

Dim Out

The dim out blind/s models restricts rays of lights and is best suited for living rooms and patios.

Water Repellent

Water resistant material that is best used in kitchens or swimming pool areas.

Print Logo

Make a statement by printing your own logo on window blinds. This service is by appointment only.

Spone Clean only

Washable blind materials that allow easy cleaning within seconds.

Panal Blind

Panel blinds are wider, stylish and practical. The vertical panels shades a window or creates a partition to divide a meeting room, or used as a partition between a bed and cabinet.

Roller Blind

A blind with overlapping horizontal slats that feature slats that may be raised and drawn together above the window by pulling a cord.

Energy & Solar Protection

Cut out ultraviolet (UV) rays for eye protection against cataracts, growths and possibly macular degeneration.

Black Out

Blackout materials are a foam-backed, opaque fabric used to block out light when the window blinds are closed. Blackout fabrics are most commonly used in hotel rooms as curtain linings or drapery fabrics.

Motorized Blinds

Operate your window blinds easily with your smart phone or a remote control unit.